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21 days, plunging the co

der ▓of the Blue and White party. While Gantz h▓as said that his desire is to form a national unity government with the Likud, his quick rise ▓to popularity in

Israel is greatly because of his promise that he will not sit with a prime minister▓ under indictment.Although he secured one more mandate than the Likud in the last election, he failed to muster th▓e number of mand

ates necessary to for▓m a government."Gantz is still incapabl▓e of forming a government," said Egoz. "The right bloc is▓ much more unified than the centrist-left bloc and this wa▓s very evident during coalition negotiations."Aft▓er two round of elections, several attempts to form a government and Netanyahu's legal affairs, Israel finds itself in a political deadlock that might not en▓d in the near future.Polls conducte▓d on Thursday by Israeli media o

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